What Our Customer’s Are Saying

The truck looks in much better condition then when I brought it in! Good job!
Stephen H.
Excellent – the only place to do business!
Mary O.
My car looks great! I appreciate the extra advice and explanations provided by your staff when I needed help dealing with an incompetent insurance company.

Kudos on your professionalism and quality of work. Don’t change a thing.
Jeff W.

Why Choose Us

Customer Service

Concours Body Shop offers quality repairs in a timely manner while providing excellent customer service. Our team at Concours Body Shop strives to make the “typical” stressful and confusing process of fixing a vehicle as stress-free and uncomplicated as possible for our customers. We understand that getting a vehicle repaired and dealing with insurance companies can be difficult and frustrating—our team is dedicating to assist each and every customer throughout this process. Our Customer Service Specialists are here to answer any questions that you may have regarding the repair of your vehicle.

Concours Body Shops’ technicians are factory—as well as inter-industry (“I-Car”) trained, (please ask to see our up-to-date technicians’ certifications). In order to continue to provide excellent, top quality repairs, our technicians are required to continue ongoing education of the most recent automotive repair and replacement trends. This ensures our technicians are trained properly in order to stay up-to-date with the fast paced transition of collision repair. Concours Body Shop can repair most make and model vehicles’ steel, aluminum plastics, fiberglass and carbon back to pre-loss condition most of the time (ask about exceptions).

In addition to providing excellent customer service and quality repairs, Concours Body Shop is also dedicated to be ecologically conscious through the implementation of “green” technology as well as recycling most materials. Concours Body Shop recycles all aluminum parts that are unable to be repaired, as well as, recycling every cardboard box that automotive parts are packaged and shipped in. Our recycling program has reduced our carbon footprint significantly—however, Concours Body Shop is extremely proud and excited to introduce Water-Borne paint products. Water-Borne paint products are significantly safer and more environmentally beneficial than the previous Solvent Based paint products used by the collision industry. Not only are Water-Borne paint products environmentally friendly, but they also provide greater color matching and final finish that previous Solvent Based paint products, ensuring that your vehicle will be color matched and repaired to its pre-loss condition.

Concours Body Shop is committed to providing our customers with efficient, environmentally friendly, quality repairs. With our commitment to our customers, Concours Body Shop will not sacrifice the quality of repairs to your vehicle for any insurance company. We are happy to assist customers in understanding the difference in parts usage (as designated by insurance companies’ written estimates) as well as discussing other options to ensure your satisfaction with the repair process and final repairs done to your vehicle.

In some cases, Concours Body Shop is proud to offer one-day repairs. Please ask a Customer Service Specialists if your repair qualifies. Concours Body Shop guarantees the repairs completed to your vehicle for as long as you own it, (please ask for details).

Rental Cars

Concours Body Shop is pleased to extend to our customers reduced rates for rental cars during the time your vehicle is being repairs. Please ask a Customer Service Specialist for details on how to schedule a rental car. In order to provide our customers with the utmost convenience, Concours Body Shop is happy to arrange a rental car for our customers. Additionally, our customers can drop off their rental car with us when their vehicle is complete.


In an auto insurance policy, the deductible is the amount of money that must be paid out-of-pocket by the consumer before the insurance company will pay any expenses. Deductibles are provided as a clause in an insurance company auto policy that dictates how much of an insurance-covered expense is borne by the policy holder. Deductibles are the obligation of a policy holder. After the policy holder has satisfied their fixed amount deductible, their insurance company will become liable for claimable expenses that exceed the amount of the deductible. Most typical in automotive insurance policies, the deductible applies per covered incident, unlike health insurance deductibles which generally apply per year. Unfortunately, because deductibles are the policy holder’s obligation to satisfy prior to the insurance company paying for the exceeding amounts Concours Body Shop cannot “waive” this cost to the consumer. However, depending on your insurance company, your insurance policy, or special circumstances surrounding the nature of your claim, some exceptions may apply. Please call your insurance company or ask out Customer Service Specialists if your claim qualifies for an exception.