Are you are preferred shop for my insurance company?

Concours Body Shop is a direct repair facility for AAA and Progressive Insurance Companies. Concours Body Shop accepts all insurance company claims.

Will I get a loan or rental car while my vehicle is in the shop?

If you are the insured responsible party, check with you insurance carrier if a rental car is included in your policy. If you are the claimant, you are entitled to rental car reimbursement. Please let us know if you will be needing a rental car and we can have it ready for you when you drop off your vehicle. Loan cars are not available.

Will I owe any money when I pick up my car?

If you are going through an insurance company talk with your insurance handler. They can tell you whether you have a deductible or betterment due. These charges are paid at the time you pick up your vehicle.

Will you use factory, used or aftermarket parts?

Your insurance company may require aftermarket or used parts for your repair. Check with your insurance company representative. If you would prefer new factory parts you may request them but you will be responsible for the difference in cost.

Are you preferred and certified?

We guarantee our work for the lifetime you own the vehicle. We are the preferred shop from some insurance companies. By law we are not allowed to specify which companies they are, please call 329-4557 for details. We are ASE and I-CAR Gold certified.

Do the parts come painted?

In one word, no. We color match the parts to match the original color on your vehicle. With Sikkens color match we are able to ensure the color is right.

The color won't match, won't you paint the whole car?

Not unless you want to participate in the cost process. With Sikkens color, we WILL match the portion we are painting or let you know of your options if for some reason we are unable to.

If the frame is bent is my car a total loss?

No. Reparability is based on actual cash value of the car. Your expectation of a bent frame or unibody at Concours Body Shop will be returned to factory specifications.

Who will do the mechanical work?

Concours Body Shop has a full service mechanical shop capable of taking care of any sort of mechanical problem you are having whether it be associated with the “mishap” you’ve had, or you’d just like to bring it in for something that’s simply broken.

Do I get a rental?

Check your insurance policy. If you have paid for rental insurance in your policy, then yes. If the liability/responsibility goes to the other party then you are entitled to rental reimbursement. We can have a vehicle available for you if you let us know ahead of time.

Can I get factory parts?

Check your insurance policy. Not all policies allow body shops to use original equipment in the repair process without your participation in the repair negotiation process.

Do I have to pay a deductible when I pick up my car or will it be waived?

Talk with your insurance claims handler, they will tell you whether or not it can be waived. Most circumstances require you to pay, whether it was your fault or not, if you use your own policy.

Do I really have to pay for the repairs?

Yes, you are responsible for all repair costs unless other arrangements have been made. Make sure you completely understand the repair order that is given to you upon estimation, and before the repair is completed.  You need to find out where the funds are coming from and to what address they are going to. (Our Shop, Your House, P.O. Box)

Why is it so expensive?

Today’s vehicles are so complex that the parts cost and labor reimbursements add up quickly.

Is it less if I pay cash?

It depends on what your expectations are.

Do you honor senior discounts?

Sorry, at this time, we have no “senior discount” programs available, however sometimes arrangements can be made.

What Should I Do Now That I've Been In An Accident?

1. Make sure everyone is okay.


2. File a Police Report at the scene (to determine liability).


3. Call Your Insurance Company or the other driver’s insurance company to file claim.


4. Acquire copy of police report (usually takes 3-7 days).


5. Get copy of police report to insurance company.


6. Get an estimate at the shop of your choice (you do NOT have to get three!)


7. Have the Shop of your choice call the insurance carrier.


8. Call us at 329-4557 if you have any questions.